A Variety of Storage Building Materials

Besides deciding the size and location of your storage building, the material you use to build, or erect your storage building is next.


We decided on a  wooden storage shed for a variety of reasons.


1. Flexibility. With a wooden storage building we could pretty much build exactly what we wanted. The size, the design, the style, number of windows etc. With a metal or vinyl building you are locked in and can't change anything.

2. Durability. A wooden storage shed will stand up over many years being subjected to the elements. Vinyl tends to fade, metal gets rusty, but a wooden storage building stays looking the same.

3. Quality and Expense. Metal storage buildings tend to have wobbly walls, making it difficult to hang the shelving units you need to effectively use the space. A wooden building give you free reigns to put the shelving wherever you want.  Metal buildings also get brutally hot in the summer, making it uncomfortable to go in there. Vinyl is the most expensive option by far, leaving you with possible compromizes re. size. The wooden storage building will give you the most for your money. You onle need to get professional storage building plans.

4. Esthetics. A wooden storage building is obviously much more estheticall pleasing than a faded vinyl building, or a rusting metal counterpart. With wood, the design can be made to fit right in with the existing structures. Who wants to look at an eye sore for the next decade?


While it may seem to be labor intensive to erect and learn how to build your own storage shed, your very own storage building out of wood, do consider the long term usage and viewing of whatever storage building you decide to build.

The wood shed plans below come in many levels of difficulty and complexity. From beginner to expert. Check the several hundreds of storage shed plans available, end price the materials, before deciding on  metal or vinyl.



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It is very rewarding to build your own shed. Pride that will last for years, and it will increase the value of your home as well. Whether you are looking for a large shed plans, or 10X12 Shed Plans, we have you covered!